Thalia Keple
Mixed-media Jewelry and Fiber Art

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i love your work. and, thanks for you direction and support.
robbin - 21 May 2010
Great work Thalia - looking forward to seeing more!!
Claire Elliott - 7 Mar 2010
Your work is presented beautifully here! Very nice site; I'm impressed!
silvia trujillo - 5 Jan 2010
Hi Thalia, my mom shared your website with me. I don't think I have seen much of your jewelry before; it is beautiful!
Diana - 30 Dec 2009
Beautiful work, Thalia! You've really come far in your art. I am honored to have a few of your pieces, which always get noticed. Marilyn
Marilyn Johnstone - 7 Jun 2009
Exquisite! You are a very talented lady.
Jacquie Ghormley - 7 Mar 2009
Your work is really different. I love the fact that you've encorporated weaving into your jewelry--it's not just beads and string! See you soon. Robyn Cockell Robyn Lane Jewelry
robyn Cockell - 21 Feb 2009
Thanks for sharing your beautiful website with me. I loved looking at your pieces - each one is a deep and interesting treasure. All the best - Joan
Joan Babcock - 11 Feb 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed your show in Grant's Pass, and your website shows off your very classy pieces very effectively.
Terry - 6 Feb 2009
Your work is unique. I continue to give your pieces as gifts and the recipients are in love with your jewelry. It is wonderful to give gifts that are one of a kind.
Nancy Pennino - 6 Feb 2009
Very nice web site Thalia and your work is exquisite. Well done. Can't wait to see more. Franny
Francine - 5 Feb 2009
Hi Thalia, WOW wow WoW. You are an amazing artist. I love everything you've created, the designs, the colors, the blending of texture and form. Thank you for sharing and best of luck with the unfolding of your talent. Cathleen
Cathleen Katz - 4 Feb 2009
Thalia, the complexities and interconnectedness of all our lives are condensed into your beautiful beaded and woven art jewelry. Thank you for making it possible for us to choose and wear them as statements of our own personal life journey. Claudia and Bob Law
Claudia and Bob Law - 4 Feb 2009
I so love your jewelry and weavings, Thalia. I want more pictures of more of your creations! Are you putting the prices on the web? Can you have an option to see things bigger? Love it. b
Barbara Blaszak - 4 Feb 2009
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